Happy Easter!

 EASTER is a Special time for anybody of Faith - and there is nothing like Easter lunch, Easter egg hunts, church services & family time! But, we’re only just starting to be able to be together - So I’m sending you a song so we can all feel united and together in Gods love!

Here is a cover of an unbelievable special song by Zack Williams & the iconic Dolly Parton called There Was Jesus. Remember - whatever you’re going through, Jesus will always be there.

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Original Song by Zack Williams & Dolly Parton


Song written by Zack Williams, Casey Beathard, Jonathan Smith  

Mixed & Mastered by Gavan Eckhart





Acoustic Guitar/Bass/Slide Guitar/Electric Guitar by Rory Gladdin

Violin by Kristel Birkholtz 

Percussion by Christiaan Baartman 

A Special THANKS to 


Isabella Jane 

Sue Snyman 

Rosebank Union Church 

Ark Walk Park

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